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International Chinese
Information Systems


Communications of the ICISA: An International Journal (ISSN: 1533-2454) is the official publication of the International Chinese Information Systems Association (ICISA). The Communications of the ICISA is listed in the Cabell¡¦s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and as an Information systems journal in the Index of Information Systems Journal at and we already joined in Airiti Library. The editor invites prospective authors to submit original manuscripts for possible publication in the forthcoming issue of Communications of the ICISA. Appropriate topic areas include, but not limit to, the follows.

    1. Information Management
    2. E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce
    3. Enterprise Information Systems
    4. Networking and Data Communications
    5. Web Technology and Management
    6. DSS/AI
    7. Social Computing
    8. Data Mining and Data Warehousing
    9. Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
    10. e-Government
    11. Healthcare Information Management
    12. Accounting Information Systems
    13. IT Governance and Computer Auditing
    14. IT Globalization and Innovation
    15. IT Education
    16. Virtual Teams and Organizations
    17. Business Process Management
    18. Sharing Economy
    19. Case Studies in IS Field

Preparation of Manuscripts

Each submission should include two title pages. The first title page should include (1) paper title, (2) author name(s), (3) affiliation(s), (4) address(es), (5) e-mail address(es), and (6) telephone number(s). The corresponding author should be indicated. The second title page should include the paper title, an abstract of 150-200 words, and 4 to 6 keywords. The manuscript should be double-spaced throughout. Tables, figures and a brief biosketch of each author should appear at the end of the text. The location of tables and figures in the body of the manuscript should be indicated. References should be listed alphabetically, with name and year cited in text. Refer to the Publication Manual of APA 6th Edition for details. Authors should submit their manuscripts in MS Word format via email attachment directly to the editor ( . Manuscripts sent via fax or paper will not be accepted. Articles could be theoretical research studies, empirical or survey studies, literature and research reviews providing new perspectives, studies based on a synergy of research proffering models, comparative studies, or case studies. All manuscripts will be reviewed through a double-blind review process. On average, the review process takes about 6-8 weeks to finish.

Editorial Board


Dr. Ruidong Zhang
Co-Editor-in-Chief, Communications of the ICISA
Department of Information Systems
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Wisconsin, USA


Dr. Wei-Hsi(Frank) Hung
Co-Editor-in-Chief, Communications of the ICISA
Department of Information Management and Institute of Healthcare Information Management
National Chung Cheng University


Dr. Pei-Hsuan Hsieh
Associate Editor, Communications of the ICISA
Department of Industrial and information Management
National Cheng Kung University


Advisory Board

Jim Q. Chen, St. Cloud State University, USA
Jeff Zhang, Cal State - Northridge, USA
Haiming Zhou, Xi'an Univ. of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Houn-Gee Chen, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
James Jiang, University of Central Florida, USA
Eldon Li, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan
Binshan Lin, Louisiana State University, USA
David Yen, SUNY-Oneonta, USA

Editorial Review Board
Jianxun Li, Xi'an University of Technology, China
Shin-Yuan Hung, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
She-I Chang, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
Kuanchin Chen, Western Michigan University, USA
Victor Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Yiang-Liang Chen, National Central University, Taiwan
Amy Chou, Illinois State University, USA
Ta-Tao Chuang, Gonzaga University, USA
Mark Hwang, Central Michigan University, USA
June Lu, University of Houston - Victoria, USA
Stephen Shih, University of Southern Illinois, USA
Michael Tarn, Western Michigan University, USA
Zack Wong, Sonoma State University, USA
Kyung Hoon Yang, University of Wisconsin - LaCross, USA
Jeff Zhang, California State University - Northridge, USA
Michael Zhang, Sacred Heart University, USA
HongJiang Xu, Butler University, USA


Researchers & Practitioners involved in the management of information systems


The Communications of the ICISA is listed in the Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and as an IS journal in the Index of Information Systems Journal at / .


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